About Us

Constituted in 2011 by the Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA) and various Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations working in the state, the Himachal Pradesh Inter Agency Group (HPIAG) is a collaborative platform which promotes effective coordination among the Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to strengthen the disaster preparedness, mitigation and response in the state.

Objectives of the HPIAG
The HPIAG aims at strengthening the existing systems and promoting synergetic actions for disaster risk reduction in the state. The specific objectives of the HPIAG are as under:

  • Promote and institutionalize unified response strategy in humanitarian crisis.
  • Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in development programmes.
  • Systematize the emergency response mechanism and to bring in the culture of “working together” in emergencies as well as in normalcy.
  • To promote stakeholders' engagement in activities that will build their capacities to cope with calamities.
  • To promote effective planning, coordination and execution over the issues pertaining to DRR in the state through a unified strategy over disaster preparedness and response.
  • To promote sharing of best practices, tools & techniques and different types of resources among the stakeholder organizations for enhanced solution exchange.
  • To undertake various capacity building measures for the professionals and volunteers of the member / non-member GOs and NGOs on various aspects of Disaster Management covering the Before Disaster, During Disaster and After Disaster situations.
  • To develop the HPIAG as a platform for advocating for a disaster-resilient state.