Peer Support for HPIAG Members

Against COVID-19, Stronger Together

If we have a problem, there must be a solution to it, known to someone possibly within our network. Many of the active HPIAG members are contributing their bit in dealing with the crisis caused by COVID-19. In this extremely challenging time, we can support each other by sharing our knowledge, skills and resources with other members in this war against COVID-19. Whatever skills you may possess would be of some help to other members in the HPIAG network. Requesting all HPIAG members to kindly come forward to offer and seek Peer-to-peer support. An example (actual information) has been done already to help you all. Please email your respective notes at-

Technology Support for Online Data Collection, Collaboration Tools for Working Remotely, Online Mapping Techniques, Crowdfunding, Graphic Design and Social Media and a few other interesting things you may think of doing with the help of ICTs.

Inputs on agencies from Himachal Pradesh (preferably within Shimla) which can help us in printing IEC materials in Braille. (Posted on 07-04-20 at 6:30PM)

Contact Number: +91 9816678898
Email Address: